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About the Designer

It’s easy to forget about the garbage we produce. By taking responsibility for our waste, we can make a more eco-conscious world through up-cycled fashion. Hailey is part of the zero-waste fashion designers’ movement, which works to overcome fast fashion. With one-of-a-kind and made-to-order clothing for those who want to express their personality and make a difference, she strives towards a new normal in fashion. Hailey envisions a necessary future where second-hand textiles are treasured and repurposed into artisanal patchwork, unique, and size-inclusive designs. 

Hailey has a degree in Microbiology & Immunology from Dalhousie University and is currently studying Haute Couture Fashion Design at Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy in Ottawa, ON.

 We donate 5% of our profits to The ENRICH Project, so every time you purchase from us, you are helping us to fund research on environmental racism in Canada.

Read more about our commitment to environmental and social justice here


photos on home page taken by Anya Swettenham