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This colleciton is made-to-order. We begin constructing your garment once your order has been placed. This means you get to shop the styles you love, in the fabric of your choice, in the size you need! Each product will have fabric options for you to choose from. Remember to indicate your size at the checkout. HAVE FUN! :)

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Our Mission

Wyatt House is dedicated to creating small batch & one-of-a-kind garments made from re-purposed & vintage textiles. Through delicate patchwork and comfort-focused design, we aim to change the future of fashion with both sustainability and style in mind.

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About the Designer

Hailey is a part of the zero waste fashion designers' movement which works to overcome fast fashion. She envisions a necessary future where secondhand and vintage textiles are treasured and re-purposed into unique and size-inclusive clothing. She is striving towards a new normal in fashion.

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