Why Custom?

Most of us struggle to find a jumpsuit that we like and that actually fits properly! Our custom jumpsuits allow you to buy a tailored 70's inspired jumpsuit, in a 100% cotton vintage corduroy material of your choice.

Our hope is that by investing in a jumpsuit that fits you like a glove, it becomes your new uniform!


These jumpsuits are made to fit your personal measurements. Each jumpsuit is expertly constructed and made with extreme attention to detail. Book a consultation appointment and choose your fabric from our collection of vintage and deadstock corduroy.

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The Perfect Fit

This process includes a full sample fitting to ensure a perfectly tailored fit. We will create a sample jumpsuit and make any needed adjustments before moving onto the fabric. You will also choose your zipper colour, topstitching thread, and pocket details.

Effortless Style

After the fittings, you will end up with a perfectly tailored, one-of-a-kind jumpsuit that is effortlessly stylish. We can't wait to create with you!

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  • 70s Florals Print

    Available for a solid jumpsuit ($400)

  • Patchwork Palettes

    Available to combine for a patchwork jumpsuit ($600)

    *more colours available*

  • 80s Stripes

    Available as a solid Jumpsuit ($400)

Price List

1. Solid Colour or Print: $400

2. Solid Colour or Print with Top Lining: $450

3. Solid Colour or Print with Full Lining: $500

4. Patchwork: $600

5. Patchwork with top lining: $650

6. Patchwork with full lining: $700

Booking a consulation is $50, which goes towards paying for your jumpsuit.

*additional customizations such as adding long sleeves, extra pockets, etc. will be an additional cost. We have multiple payment plans available*

*all prices include tax*

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Our Mission

Wyatt House is dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind garments made from second hand, deadstock & vintage textiles. Through delicate patchwork and comfort-focused design, we aim to change the future of fashion with both sustainability and style in mind. Our unique process allows you to choose your fabric from our selection of high quality textiles to create a garment you will absolutely love!

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About the Designer

Hailey is a part of the zero waste fashion designers' movement which works to overcome fast fashion. She envisions a necessary future where secondhand and vintage textiles are treasured and re-purposed into unique and size-inclusive clothing. She is striving towards a new normal in fashion.

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