chopping up fabric in to small scraps for zero waste design

The Zero Waste Method

We are dedicated to making our brand a circular, closed-loop system where nothing is wasted. 


We spend countless hours searching for premium vintage and second hand textiles. All of our fabrics are considered pre-consumer waste (textiles that have not yet been used and have been discarded) or post-consumer waste (textiles that have been used and donated). By intercepting the lifecycle of these textiles, we are preventing them from unnecessarily ending up in landfill. 


We cut & sew our garments once an order has been placed, meaning there is no excess inventory. You get to choose your fabric from our collection of premium reclaimed materials, and we take care of the rest! Our garments are handmade with quality, comfort and longevity in mind. When cared for properly, they are meant to last for years and years to come.


After each project, we are left with scraps from the cutting & sewing process. Depending on the content of these scraps, they are sorted for recycling, composting, or further up-cycling. Any fabrics that are non-recyclable or too small to use for patchwork are used to develop one of our new up-cycled textiles.

If you would like to donate textiles to our store, please visit our Donations page to learn more. 

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