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Wyatt House

Tidal Shift Vest 002 (L)

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A structured vest that closes at the sides rather than the front, the Tidal Shift top has a relaxed fit with adjustable straps. There is intended to be a 2”-3” gap at the sides. Size up if you want more coverage. This vest is slightly cropped and is perfect for layering over a button up, sweater or dress. This design is fully lined with a soft plaid cotton (deadstock, sourced in Ottawa) and made with extreme care. The outer shell is made with our new zero waste material: Circular Denim. It has a heavier weight to it, an excellent structure, and an evolving texture. With each wear, the material will gently fray to reveal the natural beauty in the passage of time. Can machine wash or hand wash cold. Dry clean if you don’t want it to fray as quickly.


  • Made with our new Circular Denim, symbolizing infinite transformation
  • Evolving texture that reveals the natural beauty in the passage of time
  • Relaxed fit with adjustable straps
  • Fully lined with deadstock cotton

About Circular Denim:

Our circular denim is made from post-consumer textile waste and represents circular time, renewal, repair, and infinite transformation. Repair should not be a last-ditch effort at extending the life of a garment, it should be the starting point of a cyclical process. Circular Denim is this starting point. We have collected old worn-out jeans from our community and have up-cycled them into this new zero waste material. Circular Denim is made in 4 stages:

  1. Processing: Old jeans are disassembled into their component parts (front leg, back leg, etc..) to preserve as much material as possible. Buttons, zippers etc are separated.
  2. Cutting: The salvaged material is steamed and carefully chopped into small pieces, about 1 inch squared in size.
  3. Normalizing: The denim squares are arranged thoughtfully on top of a fusible interfacing material (sourced in Montreal). This helps to normalize the variability between different types of denim and provides structure and support to the new material.
  4. Re-enforcement: Once the denim has been fused to the interfacing, it is stitched into place. This adds an interesting decorative finish and adds additional structure and durability to the material. The stitching pattern is improvised and is different on each top.

Practicing the art of repair and re-use is a way for us to honour time. Up-cycling is a way to nurture our clothing – the materials that house our bodies – as they pass from one phase of life to the next. The visual effects of time (wear and tear, both on our bodies and on our clothes) are simply just proof that we have lived. Proof that we have played.

Fit: Hailey is 5'10", 36" bust, 30" waist 41" hip, usually wears a size 8, and is wearing the Tidal Shift Vest in a size M.

Material: We use exclusively vintage and reclaimed materials. Some fabrics may show signs of age - this does not diminish the quality of the product but rather adds to its character. We do our best to use natural materials like cotton and linen, however the exact fabric content of each garment is unknown. 

Care: Wash on a cold, delicate cycle and hang or lay flat to dry OR dry clean (if you don't want the material to fray as quickly, we recommend dry cleaning, as machine washing will speed up the fraying). Iron on medium heat. Use a spot treatment stain remover if necessary. Do not bleach. 

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