Mission & Values

Our ultimate goal is to reduce textile waste through offering unique & one-of-a-kind zero waste garments to the eco-conscious consumer. At Wyatt House, we value Environmental Sustainability, Comfort, Community, and Education

We want to encourage our community to shift away from the out of sight out of mind mindset, and towards collective responsibility. When waste gets sent to landfill - it does't disappear. It becomes a burden on our Earth. The Earth's problems are our problems. This is why we only work with second hand and deadstock materials. We believe there are so many resources already available to us, so rather than using new textiles, we choose to transform textiles that already exist into garments that can be loved and worn for a lifetime. 

The textiles around us hold stories and past histories. The vintage corduroys, the 90s denim, your grandmothers velvet curtains... they all cary meaning. We document where we source each piece of material and give as much detail into its' possible past. We want people to feel comforted by knowing where their clothing came from – beyond just where it was made or who it was made by. We hope that by knowing some history of a textile, it makes someone feel special and comforted. 

Sustainability is not a trend. It is not a new concept either. It is an ancient and Indigenous way of existing with the land, not on the land. We are always learning about how to be a more sustainable business, and we love sharing this educational journey with our community. There is so much more to learn, and so much more room to grow.