Custom Jumpsuits

Why Custom?

Most of us struggle to find a jumpsuit that we like and that actually fits properly! Everyone has different proportions, so it's almost impossible to guarantee a good fit when buying a jumpsuit off the rack. Our custom jumpsuits allow you to buy the perfect fitting 70's inspired jumpsuit, in a 100% cotton vintage corduroy material of your choice.

These jumpsuits are made-to-measure. Our hope is that by investing in a tailored jumpsuit that fits you like a glove, it becomes your new uniform! The corduroy material is cozy and comforting, making it a perfect every day outfit. Because of its tailoring and elegant shape, it's also easily dressed up.

Hailey has been developing and perfecting the fit and style of this jumpsuit for the past year. She carefully curates high quality reclaimed corduroy materials and combines their colours in an aesthetically thoughtful manner. Each jumpsuit is expertly constructed and made with extreme attention to detail. Our goal is to create a one-of-a-kind garment that makes you feel like your most confident self, and that you will wear for years and years to come!


 How it Works:

Step 1: Decide if you would like a jumpsuit in a solid colour, print, or patchwork (see images below for an idea of fabric options).

Step 2: Book a consultation appointment. During this appointment we will take your measurements, look at fabric options and decide on a payment plan. We will book a follow-up appointment for your sample fitting at this time.



Step 3: Approve design during the sample fitting. During this appointment we will make any necessary changes to the pattern to ensure the final jumpsuit will be perfectly tailored to your measurements. You will also choose your zipper and pocket style. We will then book a final pick-up appointment.


Step 4: Pick up your finished custom jumpsuit!



Options (Prices include tax):

1. Solid Colour or Print: $400 

2. Solid Colour or Print with Top Lining: $450 

3. Solid Colour or Print with Full Lining: $500 

4. Patchwork: $600 

5. Patchwork with top lining: $650 

6. Patchwork with full lining: $700 

Multiple payment plans available. Book a consultation here.